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Portfolio - Tres Henry

A brief history of 22 years in the tech industry, in reverse chronological order.


Software Engineering

  • Over two decades of engineering experience
  • Front-end focus (web, native client, mobile)
  • Python/Django, Ruby/Rails, Elixir/Phoenix, nodejs/Express, more
  • JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby, Elixir, Python, Go, C#, more
  • Fostering design empathy within engineering

User Experience

  • Driving design thinking across organizations
  • User research + synthesis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Design reviews
  • Managing vendor relationships
  • Managing design process and integration
  • Fostering developer empathy within design


  • Hiring/retaining talent
  • Scaling teams within organizations of every size
  • Building diverse teams
  • Managing developers, designers, dev-ops, QA
  • Mentoring managers
  • Creating psychological safety
  • Transparency and accountability

Recent Projects


Director of Product Development


Oracle acquired Nebula, Inc (see below) in April of 2014. At that time I managed a 6 person UX team of two designers, three developers, and one dev-ops/QA. Oracle was just a few months into creating an entirely new cloud product (now called Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) but had no UX team. I brought in my team and within eight months we delivered a fully functioning self-service web application covering all launch features.

Within two years I more than doubled the size of the UX team and hired or promoted managers to handle further growth. A complete list of responsibilities and accomplishments are included in my CV.

Very early functioning prototype of OCI web console, built in 3 months, and used to demo functionality to Larry Ellison.

High-fidelity list view mockup, including navigation elements.

Interactive dialog with real-time notifications and graceful error handling in batch operations.


Director of User Experience


Nebula was the third company I helped build with founders Chris Kemp and Devin Carlen. My team built and delivered every surface of user interaction in the product including the out-of-box experience, setup, installation, configuration, end-user self-service management, administration, and support.

Product release marketing video.

Hardware OOBE and initial configuration.

Nebula's hardware & proprietary end-user web management console.

Fully populated 5x rack with Nebula controllers and nodes.

Mood board guiding Nebula's aesthetic.

Cloud Applications overview, including multiple tenants.

Real-time health stats and metrics.

Horizon, the OpenStack default UI.

The initial version of Nebula’s self-service UI was built on top of Horizon, OpenStack’s default web management interface. As the Project Technical Lead for Horizon I drove a series of features that enabled 3rd party customization of Horizon’s functionality which also enabled Nebula to provide a custom user interface based on Horizon. However, Nebula was unable to meaningfully differentiate on user experience with Horizon which lead to the creation of Lighthouse, Nebula’s proprietary UI.

Amazon AWS

Software Development Engineer UI


When I joined AWS, the EC2 management console had just launched with such success that leadership moved to requiring every new AWS feature ship with UI support. This was an enormous scaling challenge, particularly trying to ensure a seamless user experience across feature areas owned by a variety of teams. By working across teams and organizations, the AWS Console Team was able to deliver a development toolkit that enabled teams with light (or no) design support to build user interfaces adhering to the AWS style guide and design system.

Older version of the new instance launch wizard, built by my team.

Way Back


11/07–11/08 (Software Development Lead)

Old MySpace homepage.


04/04–04/06 (Lead Software Engineer)

Escapia Marketing Brochure


10/97–06/02 (Software Development Engineer)

Old GotDotNet homepage.